Platinum Gauze Electrode - OD: 23 mm, H: 20 mm

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The counter (auxiliary) electrode provides a means of applying input potential to the working electrode. It completes the circuit and allows charge to flow between counter and working electrodes. Platinum is the most commonly used material for the auxiliary electrode, due to its alleged inertness, reaction speed and catalytic properties. 

Application note
Platinum Gauze Electrode is suitable for studies of many electrochemical processes in aqueous and organic media. Platinum is a well-known catalyst for water electrolysis (HER), direct ethanol fuel cells, organic electrosynthesis or oxidation of alcohols into organic acids. Thanks to the high surface area, this counter electrode is a perfect choice for electrochemical characterization of highly capacitive materials for energy storage applications.

electrode material: Platinum 99.9%
mesh count: 50
mesh wire diameter: 120 µm
mesh aperture: 390 µm
connection wire diameter: 600 µm
shape: hollow cylinder
cylinder external diameter: 23 mm
cylinder height: 20 mm
mesh sheet area: 21.25 cm2
overall height (without pin): 50 mm
plug height: 20 mm
plug diameter: 6 mm
O-Ring size: ID: 4.47 mm, CS 1.78 mm
terminal diameter: 8 mm

Intrastat data
HS Code: 71151000
Country of Origin: Sweden
NET weight: 100 g

Product includes
1 x Platinum Gauze Electrode with PEEK plug (6 mm dia.)
1 x O-Ring (ID 4.47 mm CS 1.78 mm), FKM (aqueous) or FFKM (organic)

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