Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. At these tasks concern measurement system design, and they are outsourced to scientists active in a corresponding filed of science. Our idea behind crowdsourcing is: the more researchers and experimentalists evaluating design, the better and more functional system the society will get.  

We are using online queries to collect ideas from scientists concerning a specific measurement tool, hoping to generate discussion between experts in the field of electrochemistry. Among their replies we harvest ideas for system optimization and new projects. Experience of hundreds of experts have been used in this way for our products development, that now can be applied in your research topic.

If you are honest reliable fellow scientists working in any of fields listed below, do consider sharing your own view on how such equipment should be designed and simply answer our query. We ALL would be glad to benefit from YOUR experience. Naturally, we acknowledge and reward contributors to our projects in many ways.