Technical Sales Specialist

Who are we? (formally redoxme AB) is a specialist laboratory equipment manufacturer that provides reliable tools and broad services in the field of electrochemistry coupled with many other characterization techniques such as spectroscopy, gravimetry, and electrical, mechanical, and thermal characterization. The company employs 14 people of which 5 have a post-doctoral degree and have had or are still pursuing an academic career. The company's roots trace to Linkoping University and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), from whence it was spun off under the initiative of Pawel Jerzy Wojcik, Ph.D. The company supplies academic institutions, R&D centers, school laboratories, and science centers as well as industry (e.g., Tesla, Apple, Intel, Northvolt).
Over the last 6 years of operation has introduced to the market 250+ innovative products in serial production and 300+ custom-made measurement systems. These products are under continuous improvement based on internal studies and feedback from the scientific community through expert crowdsourcing techniques and project collaborations. Arguably the main company strength is its wide experience in launching sophisticated solutions for material characterization that enable scientists to collect multiple data responses during an electrochemical operation on a single sample. This approach facilities conclusion-building when analyzing the results of an experiment. introduced many smart solutions to the market such as: dedicated and optimized EC cells, customized EC cells, multi-response EC cells, EC cells with merged functionality, and automated EC systems. Currently, the main research and development efforts are directed toward micro-Fluidic EC cells and redox flow batteries. In this regard is a global market leader campaigning against an outdated methodology and providing solutions that follow the advances in modern materials science. is managed according to LEAN philosophy. It is transforming into a flat management structure with self-organizing teams and implementing a proprietary organizational culture based on AGILE philosophy. What we care about the most is equality, equal access to knowledge, respect for beliefs, and support of self-development.
Job Description
We are looking for an experienced scientist for a full-time Technical Sales Specialist position, with a strong background in electrochemistry (at the academic level) and a talent for advising solutions. The Technical Sales Specialist will provide customers (scientists and researchers) with technical and sales support. This person will be a key point of contact for customers, answering queries, issuing quotations, providing technical advice, and demonstrating how to use our highly specialized products. We are looking for someone that understands and follows the sales philosophy that selling is helping the customer to the optimum solution, not convincing them to purchase more. The person taking up this position will be thoroughly trained in performing tasks, handling products, and their construction.

Your work assignments

  • Preparing quotations and Pro-forma invoices.
  • Replying to emails and virtual assistant queries on product selection and setup configuration.
  • Giving online demonstrations, training, and presentations to help customers discover and understand products.
  • Liaising with existing clients.
  • Providing pre-sales and post-sales technical support.
  • Preparing graphical and video manuals.
  • Staying up to date on a competitive offer.
  • Following organizational culture, adhering to policies and procedures.
  • Performing other duties as assigned
Your workplace
redoxme AB, Research & Development Department, Kopparhusen, Södra Grytsgatan 1A, 602 33 Norrköping, SWEDEN.

Your qualifications
You have a PhD degree in electrochemistry. Alternatively, you have demonstratively gained equivalent knowledge in another way, e.g., workplace experience in an electrochemistry lab. Language skills in writing and speaking English are meritorious. Great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities and suitability. Other requirements for the position are: strong technical skills, research and analytical skills, organizational skills, communication skills, including the ability to explain clearly, listen to the feedback of clients – and relay this to colleagues, humility, honesty and high personal culture.
Terms of employment
We will invite selected candidates for a trial day under the supervision of a person currently handling the tasks. His opinion will be crucial when making a hiring decision. The position is full-time. It became permanent after 6 months of employment.
Starting date
As soon as possible.
Salary and employment benefits
Application procedure
Please send your CV and cover letter to, entering a job title in the e-mail subject line.
We welcome applicants with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives - diversity enriches our work and helps us grow. Preserving everybody's equal value, rights, and opportunities is a natural part of our identity.
We look forward to receiving your application!

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