About (officially redoxme AB) is a premier laboratory equipment manufacturer offering reliable tools and comprehensive services in electrochemistry. Our expertise extends to various characterisation techniques, including spectroscopy, gravimetry, and electrical, mechanical, and thermal characterisation. We proudly boast a team of 18, with seven members holding post-doctoral degrees and have had or are still pursuing academic careers.

Originating from Linköping University and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), our company was established under the initiative of Dr. Pawel Jerzy Wojcik. We cater to academic institutions, R&D centres, school laboratories, science centres, and industry. With six years in operation, has introduced over 250 innovative products and 300+ tailor-made systems to the market. These products are continuously refined through internal studies and feedback from the scientific community, ensuring we remain at the forefront of materials science.
One of our distinctive strengths is our vast experience in launching sophisticated solutions for material characterisation. This expertise allows scientists to simultaneously collect data from diverse techniques on a single sample, facilitating more insightful conclusions from experimental results. Over the years, has introduced numerous innovative solutions, including dedicated, optimised, and customised electrochemical cells, multi-response cells, cells with combined functionalities, and automated electrochemical systems. Our primary R&D focus is on microfluidic electrochemical cells and large-volume electrochemical flow systems. In this domain, stands as a global market leader, championing contemporary methodologies that align with the advancements in modern materials science.
Our management approach adheres to the LEAN philosophy, with a transformation underway towards a flat management structure, embracing the AGILE philosophy. At, we prioritise equality, knowledge accessibility, respect for beliefs, and support for self-development.

Position: Production Engineer
We are searching for a reliable and skilled production engineer to perform manufacturing processes at our company. You will join our growing self-organizing team of professionals and be responsible for product assembly. Each of our products is individually processed. The CNC machined parts delivered by our subcontractors are unfinished and must be treated before assembly. Surface treatment is done manually and with electric devices. After processing, the product components are assembled using screws, magnets, or other methods. Choosing the proper seals is essential so that the final product meets the specifications. The production engineer ensures that health and safety codes are followed, trains co-workers in the responsible use of machinery, identifies problems in the production line, troubleshoots equipment, and completes various administrative tasks.

To be successful as a production engineer, you should be an independent thinker and keen problem-solver. Outstanding production engineers are able to diagnose problems, train staff, and provide effective recommendations to product CAD designers.

Key Responsibilities:
- Performing the manufacturing processes, ensuring quality work is done safely and efficiently.
- Liaising with other engineers to develop plans that improve production, costs, and labor required.
- Diagnosing problems in the assembly line and providing recommendations and training.
- Establishing safety procedures and protocols that consider the workers’ well-being.
- Keeping abreast of advancements in engineering and production and sharing knowledge with co-workers.
- Analyzing all facets of production and making recommendations for improvement.
- Sourcing any materials and equipment as required.

redoxme AB, Research & Development Department, Kopparhusen, Södra Grytsgatan 1A, 602 33 Norrköping, Sweden.

You have a master’s level education in an engineering discipline. Alternatively, you have demonstratively gained equivalent knowledge in another way, e.g., workplace experience. Qualifications in electrochemistry or related disciplines are also advantageous. Language skills in writing and speaking English are meritorious. Great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities and suitability. Other requirements: proven experience in the engineering field; superb analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Terms of Employment:
Selected candidates will undergo a trial day supervised by our specialist, whose feedback will be vital for hiring decisions. The position is full-time, becoming permanent after a probationary period of 6 months.

Start Date:
As soon as possible.

Salary & Benefits:
Competitive salary.

How to Apply:
Send your CV and cover letter to Include the position title in the email subject.

At, we welcome applicants with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, believing they enrich our work and foster growth. Upholding everyone's equal value, rights, and opportunities is ingrained in our ethos.

We eagerly await your application!

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