ATR-FTIR BM EC 15 mL for VeeMAXTM III - Attenuated Total Reflectance Electrochemical Cell

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This ATR-FTIR BM 15 mL EC (Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Bottom Mounted Electrochemical) cell has been designed for the VeeMAX™ III device from PIKE. This advanced cell seamlessly integrates ATR-FTIR analysis and electrochemical measurements, offering real-time insights into reaction kinetics, intermediate species, and reaction mechanisms. The cell enables surface analysis of electrode materials, allowing investigation of electrode surfaces' chemical composition and structure. It provides information about surface functional groups and adsorbed species. It facilitates the analysis of electrolyte solutions, enabling the study of composition, stability, and chemical reactions during electrochemical processes.
In this configuration, the ATR-FTIR BM 15 mL EC cell is compatible with both 60⁰ and 45⁰ crystals. The sample exposed area is about 1.5 cm2 (14 mm dia.), and the maximum electrolyte volume is 15 mL. The cell's lid securely mounts the 6 mm dia. counter and reference electrodes, facilitating 2-electrode and 3-electrode setups. An optional adapter is also available for 20 mm diameter flat window/crystal compatibility.
Cell elements are constructed from materials that are inert to the sample environment (PEEK, Fluoropolymers), and either aqueous (FKM) or organic solvent (FFKM) compatible O-rings can be installed to meet electrolyte requirements. The construction is gas-tight and gas purging of the electrolyte can be used when the removal and exclusion of contaminants such as oxygen or the introduction of a gas phase reagent is required.

Application note
The ATR-FTIR BM 15 mL EC cell, in conjunction with the VeeMAX™ III device, enables in-depth analysis of changes in interfacial mass and physical properties during electron transfer processes. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to place the reference electrode tip close (3-5 mm)  to the crystal surface, where the working electrode is exposed to the electrolyte. This setup minimizes potential drops throughout the electrolyte solution, ensuring accurate results even in low-current experiments.
The ATR-FTIR BM 15mL EC cell supports a range of auxiliary electrodes, including metal wire, metal foil electrodes, and graphite rods, providing flexibility and compatibility with various experimental setups. Before conducting experiments, it is essential to stop the bubbling of gas through the solution, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of measurements.

compatibility: PIKE VeeMAX III with ATR
sample size: 20 mm dia. 60⁰ and 45⁰ crystals (flat window/crystal with adapter)
exposed area: 1.5 cm2 (14 mm dia.)
minimum electrolyte volume: 2.5 mL
maximum electrolyte volume: 15 mL
electrode plug diameter: 6 mm

Intrastat data
HS Code: 90275000
Country of Origin: Sweden
NET weight: 200g

Product includes
1 x lid
1 x glass chamber
1 x bottom casing
1 x tantalum contact with 4 mm dia F banana contact
1 x plug
1 x set of O-rings

Please note that reference and counter electrodes and VeeMAX™ III device components are not included in the set. 

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