Switchable LED light source

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Switchable LED Light Source contains 10 high power LEDs placed on a revolving disc. The user switches between a selection of monochromatic LED sources and white LED using an application software. It enables controlling also light intensity, duration and a couple of the other parameters. A manually adjustable lens is used to focus light on a sample installed in a photo-electrochemical cell (cell is not included in the setup). The LED disc is exchangeable, which means that the user can order a disc with custom LEDs, separately.

 No. Mean wavelength [nm] Width [nm] Max current [mA] Max light power [mW] Color
1 360-370 9.7 500 30.50 UV
2 380-390 12.6 500 71.40 UV
3 400-410 13 700 100.09 UV
4 450-460 18 700 92.00 Blue
5 520-530 28.5 700 33.50 Green
6 590-600 14.7 700 29.50 Amber
7 630-640 15.3 700 44.50 Red
8 730-740 18.7 700 46.40 Red
9 850-860 16.6 700 44.60 IR
10 420-700 280 700 60 white

Compared to conventional light sources such as halogen and gas discharge lamps, this Switchable LED Light Source offers many advantages such as:

  • higher signal-to-noise ratios (due to narrow bandwidth emission),
  • better stability,
  • longer life (LEDs are operated below their maximum power level),
  • lower replacement costs,
  • no active cooling requirements,
  • no thermal filters in the optical path,
  • smaller dimensions, etc.

Application note
Switchable LED Light Source is a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. It can be used wherever a strong monochromatic LED light is needed. In photo-electrochemistry it is often used as an economy light source for fast screening of photo-catalytic thin films, as well as the broad range of standard photoelectrochemical experiments. It is a versatile light source with LED switching and accurate intensity modulation of each individual LED. The device is compatible with the cages from Thorlabs and TECHSPEC from Edmund Optics.

Spectral range: 280 nm – 1000 nm (depends on selection of LEDs)
Lens focal length: 25 mm
Number of LEDs per disc: 10 pcs
Disc rotation: automatized
Light beam focus: manual
Light intensity adjustment: application software
LED positioning on optical axis: automatized
Light on/off duration: application software
PC connectivity: USB 2.0
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz.

Intrastat data
HS Code: 85395100
Country of Origin: Poland
NET weight: 1000 g

Product includes
1 x Switchable LED Light Source

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