Smart Airbrush - pressure 25 psi, airflow: 8 L/min

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It is a portable (cordless) airbrush for spray coating deposition technique suitable for a development of variety of organic and inorganic electrochemical devices/electrodes. Airbrushing is a facile and scalable coating method that enables functional ink to be deposited onto a substrate (flat surface or porous membrane). It is suitable for a deposition of inks with a very broad range of viscosities, from diluted aqueous inks to very thick but still slowly flowing pastes. It consists of (i) the compressor with rechargeable internal battery (via USB-C), (ii) the dual-action airbrush gun with the preset handle that locks the trigger, and (iii) the gravity ink container with lid. This airbrush enables the preparation of thin films with controlled thickness and high film homogeneity on small and medium surface areas, typically up 25 mm x 25 mm. It was engineered for fine nozzle/needle combination offering an amazing smoothness of mechanical control and excellent atomization performance.  

Application note
Typical applications include thin film deposition of powder-based (photo)electrodes, colloidal polymers, sol-gel precursors, biopolymers, biomolecular materials, reagents, electrolytes as well as graphitization of metal current collectors, and building up the entire multilayer electrochemical devices such as supercapacitors, batteries, or electrochromic windows.
Before and during airbrush deposition, the substrate may be heated up using a hot plate to avoid any accumulation of solvent on the substrate and to accelerate the drying of the obtained thin film. In order to achieve fine lines the needle should be pulled into the nozzle for low volume of ink and the airbrush should be placed close to the surface. When wider coverage is required the needle should be pulled back for higher volumes of fluid and the airbrush should be kept further away from the surface. The airbrush can be used in the glovebox under inert atmosphere, as well. Typical parameters of the airbrush spray process are air compressed pressure, active material concentration, airbrush distance from substrate, and spray nozzle outlet.
For cleaning, simply detach the airbrush gun from the compressor, disassemble the airbrush gun, remove the noddle and ink container and clean it using tap water or corresponding solvent.

pressure: 20-27 psi (1.4-1.9 bar)
gas flow: 6-8 L/min
ink viscosity range: 1-103 cP
max ink volume: 20 mL
power: 5 W
internal battery: 7.4 V, 600 mAh
motor: DC6V
charging time: 1.5 h (from PC), 0.5 h from 5V2A
typical operational time: 1-2 h
gas carrier: ambient
airbrush gun material: Chromium plated Copper
needle material: Stainless Steel

Product includes
1 x cordless compressor
1 x airbrush gun with a needle
1 x gravity ink container with a lid
1 x USB-C cable

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