Metal Water Jacket for Temperature Control, 50 mL chamber

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This metal water jacket can be used to control the temperature in all beaker-type cells and bottom mount of 50 mL in volume. Its metal construction guarantees durability and longevity while facilitating rapid heat dissipation. Maximum efficiency can be reached with a glass chamber (included) or quartz chamber, but it can also be used with PEEK, PTFE, and other plastics. In the former, lower efficiency should be expected.

Application note
This is an ideal solution for maintaining precise temperature in almost all 50 mL electrochemical cells. Connect the inlet and outlet to a thermostat in a closed loop to control the temperature.

height: 45 mm
jacket outer diameter: 50 mm
jacket material: anodized aluminum and brass fittings
recommended hose ID: 3-4 mm

Intrastat data
HS Code: 84198998
Country of Origin: Sweden
NET weight: 100 g

Product includes
1 x metal water jacket, 50 mL
1 x glass chamber 50 mL

Compatible cells
Beaker-type cells
BEC 50 mL - Basic Electrochemical Cell
PTFE BEC 50 mL - PTFE Basic Electrochemical Cell
2-CEC 50 mL - Two-compartment Electrochemical Cell
2-CEC+ 50 mL - Two-compartment Electrochemical Cell with additional inlet/outlet
2-CMEC 50 mL - Two-compartment Multiport Electrochemical Cell
BE H-Cell 50 mL - Basic Electrochemical H-Cell 50 mL
Bottom mount cells
2-C BM EC 50 mL - Two-compartment Bottom Mount Electrochemical Cell 50 mL
2-C BM FC EC 50 mL - Two-compartment Bottom Mount Front Contact Electrochemical Cell 50 mL
BM H-CELL 50 mL - Bottom Mount Electrochemical H-Cell 50 mL
BM FC H-CELL 50 mL - Bottom Mount Front Contact Electrochemical H-Cell 50 mL
Bulk Electrolysis & Demineralization Cells
Bulk Electrolysis Two-Compartment Cell - 50 mL
Bulk Electrolysis Basic Cell - 50 mL
Configurable CDI Setup 10-1.2-10 mL - Configurable Capacitive Deionization Setup

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