Soda-Lime Glass Substrate 25/25/1.1 mm – pack of 100

Soda-Lime Glass Substrate 25/25/1.1 mm – pack of 100

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Soda-lime glass is the most popular glass type used as an insulating substrate for thin/thick film deposition. Soda-lime glass is made by a floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin, assuring uniform thickness and very flat surfaces. 

Application note
Its smooth and non-reactive surface makes it excellent as a mechanical support for conductive electrode material.

    density: 2.5 g/cm3
    Young's modulus: (70-75)·109 Pa
    Vickers hardness: 1.35·103 Pa
    Mohs hardness: 6.5·103 Pa
    Poisson's ratio: 0.221±0.1
    thermal conductivity: 0.95±0.05W/MK at 20 oC
    CLTE: 0~100: 10.2; 0~200: 8.9; 0~300: 8.9; 0~400: 8.9; 0~500: 8.9
    strain point: 500 oC
    annealing range: 480-585 oC
    softening point: 585 oC or 720-740 oC
    specific heat: 1.10 J/g oC
    dielectric constant: 7.75·106H at 25 oC (dynamic)
    resistivity: 5·107 W at 1000 Hz
    chemical stability: alkali/acid resistance, hydrolyzable 

    Intrastat data
    HS Code: 70060010
    Country of Origin: Sweden
    NET weight: 200 g

    Product includes
    100 pcs of soda-lime glass substrates 25/25/1.1 mm

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