Silver / Silver Chloride Reference Electrode - Ag/AgCl 70mm

It is a compact Ag/AgCl reference electrode equipped with ceramic frit molten into the glass body. This electrode outperforms competing products in terms of mechanical stability, voltage stability and lifetime. In general, the reference electrode is composed of a system of phases, which retain an essentially constant composition, and therefore provides a stable potential by which the working electrode potential can be monitored. The phases present in reference electrodes undergo reversible redox processes at a very high rate, enabling them to rapidly adjust to changes in the solution’s ionic activity, but leaving them sensitive to the passage of large current densities.

Application note
This electrode is commonly used with aqueous electrolytes, but due to the low resistance of the frit it can be used with standard non-aqueous electrolytes, as well. The reference electrode should be stored with the rubber plug applied on the tip. Storing in the solution may shorten its lifetime (the electrode is operating well as long as there is at least ¼ of the solution in the electrode tube). Before use rinse it with deionized water. If air bubbles are present around the porous frit, flick the tip several times to remove them. For cleaning use detergent (dish washing detergent with water), alcohols or acetone and rinse it with deionized water at the end.

effective length: 70 mm
tube diameter: 6 mm
filling solution: 3M KCl
potential stability: <5 mV
frit resistance: 2-10 kohm at RT
operating temperature: 0-100 deg C

Product includes
1 Ag/AgCl reference electrode
1 set of O-rings

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